• Advantages of bamboo fiberboard
    Post time: 09-28-2022

    At present, the market of integrated board wall is hot, and its characteristics and effects are deeply loved by consumers. This is due to the following advantages: 1. The installation is simple and convenient. It adopts the traditional gusset installation method and can be installed directly on t...Read more »

  • pvc do not know how to maintain?
    Post time: 09-23-2022

    If you install PVC floor at home, it is not only beautiful and stylish, but also very comfortable to touch on your feet. Therefore, it is very popular. However, in order to prolong the service life of PVC floor, how should we maintain it in our daily life? 1. Cleaning, in areas with limited opera...Read more »

  • How to choose stone crystal floor?
    Post time: 09-21-2022

    With the wide application of the new type of environmentally friendly stone crystal floor in the fields of engineering and home decoration, the quality and price of various stone floors in the market are not uniform. Interference from consumer misunderstandings, buying – some inferior produ...Read more »

  • Post time: 09-15-2022

    With the increasing emphasis on limited resources, in the decoration industry, more and more new materials have gradually entered the market, including WPC wood plastic flooring, an interior decoration material. Let’s take a look at it together. WPC What are the characteristics of wood-plas...Read more »

  • Post time: 09-14-2022

    The service life of PVC is mainly determined by the thickness of the wear layer (and the density of the wear layer is also important). What is the wear layer of vinyl flooring? Which type of top coating wear layer you should choose for PVC floor? Check out the guide of Vinyl Flooring Wear Layer (...Read more »

  • The difference between vinyl spc lock floor and solid wood floor
    Post time: 09-09-2022

    wooden floor Raw materials: wood, glue and other adhesive edge sealers, the surface has a protective layer such as paint, wax, etc., so it contains toxic gases such as formaldehyde, which is not as green and healthy as the spc lock floor. Price: The price is expensive, generally ranging from 28$/...Read more »

  • Post time: 09-06-2022

    It is mainly composed of two parts: substrate and surface film. The main component of the substrate is polymer material, the surface film is divided into pvc film and pp film, and the surface is covered with wood grain. When making, the natural wood is cut into thin slices of uniform thickness, a...Read more »

  • What material is lvt floor and preparation before paving
    Post time: 09-02-2022

    What material is lvt floor LVT is a “high-end vinyl floor”, it is a new type of material, vinyl is a “resilient” floor, which means it will make you have a good foot feel. Fast and convenient installation: Generally, lvt floors are divided into two types: with adhesive and...Read more »

  • Post time: 08-31-2022

    Why does the SPC floor appear tile phenomenon? I have summarized the following eight points for you, especially our eighth point, which is very critical. The first point: Because the SPC floor used is too thin and easy to expand, especially those SPC floors with a thickness of less than 4mm are t...Read more »

  • Post time: 08-25-2022

    LVT floor origin LVT floor belongs to the branch of PVC floor. It is a new type of light body floor decoration material which is very popular in the world today, also known as “light body floor material”. PVC (poly vinyl chloride), Chinese Name: plastic floor, PVC floor is a new light...Read more »

  • Post time: 08-24-2022

    In the final stage of hard decoration, the choice of the floor is very important. The choice of the color system of the floor determines the style trend of the overall home. The quality of the floor determines the comfort of the home. Especially for families with children, the floor is a key poin...Read more »

  • About stone flooring
    Post time: 08-18-2022

    Stone Flooring   Natural stone, such as granite, marble, travertine and sandstone, are popular flooring choices for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Like ceramic and porcelain, stone is extremely durable and waterproof. The stone’s finish determines the amount of care needed to maintain the floor....Read more »

  • Post time: 08-17-2022

    We have launched a new type of negative oxygen ion spc floor, but many people do not understand negative oxygen ions, so what is the function of negative oxygen ions? The Effect of Negative Ions Negative ions are molecules floating in the air or atmosphere that have been charged with electricity....Read more »

  • spc floor and wpc floor, their similarities and differences
    Post time: 08-11-2022

    Among the various trends related to home design, rigid flooring is the most desirable option. Precisely an elegant and relatively inexpensive option that creates a different look as well as a new personalized look in each single room. There are two types of rigid floors: SPC floors and WPC floors...Read more »

  • More and more large-scale projects choose SPC floor
    Post time: 08-09-2022

    We can see SPC floors in many schools, hotels, hospitals, and shopping malls. More and more tooling projects will choose SPC floors. What are the advantages of SPC floors when doing large-scale projects? Pavement effect atmosphere The SPC floor has a large single-roll area and few joints. It can ...Read more »

  • Before paving floor heating, must the floor be leveled first?
    Post time: 08-04-2022

    Recently, friends who follow our Facebook platform account have left a message for consultation: their house is an old house and needs to be redecorated, but the ground level is poor. If it needs to be leveled, it may cost tens of dollars per square meter. Find the master of the HVAC company. Loo...Read more »