• UNIPUSH SPC flooring

    UNIPUSH SPC flooring

    UNIPUSH SPC flooring is one of the most intuitive to install and easiest to produce push down technologies ever invented. By angling the long side of the panel in, the panel can be connected on the short side simply by pushing the panel down on the short side. No additional materials (e.g. insert...
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  • SPC Flooring Innovative Surface — E.I.R.

    SPC Flooring Innovative Surface — E.I.R.

    Now most companies in China produce SPC Vinyl flooring by first extruding the substrate, and then using a 4-roll calendar to laminate the wear-resistant layer, the color paper, and the substrate at one time. The surface type of SPC flooring is mainly based on deep embossing. UTOP owns advanced pr...
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  • UTOP SPC Flooring with IXPE

    UTOP SPC Flooring with IXPE

    SPC flooring, upgraded product of Vinyl flooring, is special designed with click locking joint system. SPC flooring (Rigid Core Flooring) stands for Stone Plastic Composite. And UTOP’S SPC flooring( Diamo series ) is designed to exceed. The main component is lime stone (calcium carbonate)+ PVC Po...
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  • Cleaning and maintenance of stone plastic floor

    Cleaning and maintenance of stone plastic floor

    First, the purpose of cleaning and maintenance 1. Improve the appearance: timely remove the dirt generated in daily use, so that the stone plastic floor can fully exhibit its extraordinary appearance and natural gloss. 2. Protect the floor: Protect the stone plastic floor from accidental chemical...
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  • Stone plastic floor selection guide

    Stone plastic floor selection guide

    Pay attention to the purchase of stone plastic floor (PVC floor): 1. Stone-plastic flooring has composite and homogeneous flooring. The surface of composite stone-plastic flooring has a wear-resistant layer. The homogeneous body is the same as the upper and lower floors. Because you choose to use...
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  • Why choose LVT floooring?

    LVT is one of the hottest products in the flooring market at present, with colorful textures and patterns, a special protective layer on the surface, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-static, as well as different imitation materials, combining functions and ...
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  • In the face of the epidemic, how do foreign traders respond?

    During the Spring Festival of 2020, the new coronavirus will become a “pain point” in people’s hearts. On the evening of January 30 local time, the World Health Organization announced that the new coronavirus epidemic was listed as a Public Health Emergency of International Conc...
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  • Preperation tips before installation of LVT flooring

    LVT flooring is more and more loved by customers in the home improvement and public installation markets for its superior product performance and rich color matching. In the traditional form of sheet, it has inherited the storage and transportation of wooden flooring, and the installation conveni...
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  • SPC will blow out in the next three years — UTOP floor interview

    SPC will blow out in the next three years — UTOP floor interview

    “In the last two or three years, the development of SPC has been explosive and blowout. There will be a process of shuffling in the future.” The general manager of Shijiazhuang UTOP Co., Ltd. has always maintained a rational understanding of the development of the industry. “In ...
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  • Benefits of installing spc floors

    If you are remodeling your home, you might have come across some abbreviations such as WPC and SPC flooring. And, if you are wondering what is SPC flooring, you are reading the right article. SPC vinyl flooring is an abbreviation for stone plastic composite vinyl flooring. An SPC vinyl is a speci...
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  • UTOP carpet design spc flooring

    UTOP spc flooring could do many kinds of texture ,following information is about the carpet design.   The carpet floor is rich in color and colorful, and you can make your own creativity and imagination with your own puzzles. It can fully meet the individual needs of designers and different user...
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  • What is lvt flooring?

    What is lvt flooring?

    The vinyl floor LVT is an elaborate vinyl covering with a film that manages to recreate the image of any surface, be it wood, stone, marble, mat or linoleum among other options. It is possible to recreate an infinity of surfaces in vinyl floor LVT. In this article we will explore what an LVT viny...
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