• Post time: 06-30-2022

    The floor should be flat, which seems to be a simple requirement, but it is the most difficult for many floors to achieve. The floor is for use. According to statistics, the deformation of the floor is the most common problem during the use of the floor. There is a saying in the floor industry, &...Read more »

  • Post time: 06-28-2022

    When it comes to choosing flooring materials, you have a lot of different options. There are dozens of types of stone, tile, and wood you can use, along with cheaper alternatives that can mimic those materials without breaking the bank. Two of the most popular alternative materials are luxury vin...Read more »

  • Floor heating, the best choice for healthy living environment
    Post time: 06-24-2022

    Nowadays, floor heating has become one of the most popular heating methods, which is in line with the health theory of “warming feet and cooling at the top” of traditional Chinese medicine. With its unparalleled comfort, it has already entered thousands of families. It is a symbol of ...Read more »

  • Post time: 06-20-2022

    1, PVC wood plastic decorative wall panels have the same processing performance as the original wood, can be nailed, drilled, cut, bonded, fixed with nails or bolts connection, smooth and delicate surface, no sanding and painting.  2, PVC wall panels have better physical properties than the origi...Read more »

  • Which line is the perfect partner for SPC floors
    Post time: 06-17-2022

    When it comes to the choice of interior decoration floors, the first thing that everyone can think of is wooden floors (solid wood floors, parquet floors, laminate floors), followed by ceramic tiles, marble floors, etc. SPC floor substrate is a polymer composite material. Similarly, we should als...Read more »

  • What is SPC floor? What is the difference between it and rubber floor?
    Post time: 06-15-2022

    What is SPC material? It is a new type of lightweight flooring material popular in Europe and the United States, nano-polymer environmentally friendly production, no glue, and the root cause of the formaldehyde problem. Eliminate the pitfalls of traditional flooring. Bathroom, balcony, kitchen ca...Read more »

  • Post time: 06-08-2022

    The air in the south is relatively humid, especially in the seasonal return to the south and the rainy season, the ground is wet everywhere, and it is not easy to clean and maintain. The wooden floor is also afraid of mold and arching, and the tile sticky water is also easy to slip and fall. And ...Read more »

  • 5 Best Decorative Wall Panelling Materials To Know About
    Post time: 06-07-2022

    Do you want to make a significant impact on one wall of your room without any wall decor? Then decorative wall panels will be the right choice for you. Wall panels add colour, texture and introduce avisual focus to the interiors. They can be used to hide construction flaws, exposed wiring, and ca...Read more »

  • The origin of “Six 1″ International Children’s Day
    Post time: 06-01-2022

    International Children’s Day on June 1 is the happiest day for children. Every time on International Children’s Day on June 1, children from all over the world hold rallies. Children happily celebrate their festivals. However, people may not know this happy The festival commemorates t...Read more »

  • Post time: 05-31-2022

    Wood-plastic wallboard, alias ecological art wall, quick-install wallboard, etc. This product uses wood powder and plastic as raw materials, and is a new type of wall decoration material produced by surface filming process. At present, wood-plastic wall panels are gradually replacing traditional ...Read more »

  • Post time: 05-26-2022

    LVT plastic floor is a high-end vinyl material, which is a kind of PVC floor and belongs to semi-rigid sheet plastic elastic floor. LVT floor structure: The internal structure of LVT floor generally includes UV paint layer, wear-resistant layer, color filter layer, and LVT mid-base material layer...Read more »

  • Post time: 05-24-2022

    EPP and EPS foam have distinct technical properties, and therefore are employed in different application areas.  Expanded polypropylene (EPP) has a low density and it has a high elasticity; it has low compressibility and a high deformation recovery rate.  EPP is resistant to oils, acid and alkali...Read more »

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood composite floors
    Post time: 05-19-2022

    (1) The advantages of solid wood composite floor: 1. The quality of solid wood composite floor is stable and not easy to be damaged. 2. Easy to maintain and clean: simple care, bright as new, no dirt embedded, easy to clean. 3. Affordable price: Due to the unique structure of the solid wood compo...Read more »

  • Post time: 05-17-2022

    VT is one of the most popular products in the flooring market, and its application in commercial facilities, hospitals and home decoration is growing rapidly. It has not only captured the market share of other products of polyethylene flooring, but also the market share of hardwood floors, tiles,...Read more »

  • Usage scenarios of vinyl flooring and its advantages
    Post time: 05-11-2022

    Use environment for vinyl Vinyl is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and other damp rooms. It is also suitable for high-traffic rooms, such as living rooms. Consumer Reports recommends it as the best choice for basements because it resists moisture and doesn’t get as cold as tile. vinyl pla...Read more »

  • What is the difference between SPC floor and PVC floor 2.0
    Post time: 05-09-2022

    SPC lock floor, in simple terms, refers to the floor that can be completely free of nails, glue, and keel during the floor laying process, and can be directly laid on the ground. The PVC self-adhesive floor is coated with self-adhesive glue on the back of the original floor, and then covered with...Read more »

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