World’s aldehydes-free day in April 26th

April 26th——for us who are “enemy against aldehydes” is a familiar day!

In order to arouse the public’s attention to indoor formaldehyde hazards, to awaken everyone’s concern about self-breathing and indoor air safety, and let more people suffer unnecessary “breathing pain”, since the first world aldehyde-free day ended in 2015 April 26th of each year is designated as the world’s aldehyde-free day!

 Formaldehyde should be familiar to many people, especially in recent years, “formaldehyde room” and “formaldehyde poisoning” incidents frequently appear, and some hazards are also known about it, what harm will it cause to the human body?

 1. has a strong effect on the skin and mucous membranes, can cause vision and selective damage to the retina;

 2. long-term exposure can cause memory loss, sleepiness and other symptoms of neurasthenia.

 3. is a chemical irritant, can increase the incidence of symptoms of chronic respiratory diseases, and cause reactions such as skin allergies, cough;

 4. formaldehyde is genotoxic, leading to neonatal malformations;

 5. Cancer that may cause nasal, oral, throat, skin and digestive tract.

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Post time: Apr-29-2019