Which line is the perfect partner for SPC floors

When it comes to the choice of interior decoration floors, the first thing that everyone can think of is wooden floors (solid wood floors, parquet floors, laminate floors), followed by ceramic tiles, marble floors, etc. SPC floor substrate is a polymer composite material. Similarly, we should also choose polymer composite lines for the floor decorative lines that can be perfectly matched with it.

1. Stone plastic lines

The main components of the stone plastic line base material are polyvinyl chloride and stone powder, and the surface treatment is mostly thermal transfer printing, so as to give the line stone grain or wood grain.

2. Wood plastic lines

The main component of the wood-plastic line substrate is also polyvinyl chloride, which is extruded with wood fiber and other additional components, and the surface is covered with PVC film (wood grain, stone grain and other colors).

3. PVC line

PVC lines are also extruded profiles, but the formula of the substrate is different from the former two. The surface can be covered with PVC film, or a thermal transfer process can be used.

In fact, the lines of these three polymer materials can not only be used with SPC flooring, but also suitable for polymer composite floors such as LVT flooring, PVC flooring and indoor WPC flooring.

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Post time: Jun-17-2022