What should be paid attention to when purchasing spc floor?

SPC lock floor is divided into three kinds of material production: new material, mixed material, and recycled material. At present, the highest quality is produced with new materials, with stable performance and high production costs. Pay attention to avoiding mixed materials and recycled materials when purchasing.

UTOP focuses on the production of brand-new spc flooring, we have more than five years of professional production experience.Our products are certified by CE.SGS.floorscore.

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First look at the color: the base material of the SPC lock floor is polyvinyl chloride resin, and the color of the high-quality pure material is beige. The color of the mixture is mostly gray, cyan, and white, and the color of the recycled material is gray-black or black.


Second, look at the thickness: with an upstream caliper or tape measure, measure the floor thickness on the spot. If the actual measurement is greater than or equal to the marked thickness, there is no problem with the product. If the actual measurement is greater than or equal to 90% of the marked thickness, it is within the acceptable range. If the actual measurement is less than 90%, you must give up decisively.

The third touch feeling: The surface of the high-quality SPC lock floor is smooth, without obvious stains, clear patterns, and the pure material feels fine and moist. Recycled materials and mixtures have a dry hand and no moisture.

Finally, look at the quality: find a sample and break the lock part of the floor. The poor quality is very brittle and very easy to break. The lock of the high-quality SPC lock floor has good flexibility and is not easy to break. After breaking the floor, pull it hard to see if the color film layer, wear-resistant layer and UV layer on the surface are not easily separated from the base material. It is the high-quality SPC lock floor that is not easily separated.

Post time: Sep-02-2021