What is the difference between SPC floor and PVC floor

With the continuous development of the flooring industry in recent years, in addition to traditional wooden flooring, many new types of flooring have appeared on the market. PVC flooring and SPC flooring are both excellent flooring products with very similar performance. Many consumers It is difficult to distinguish, so what is the difference between SPC floor and PVC floor?

What is PVC Flooring
The full name of PVC is Poly vinyl chloride, and the main ingredient is polyvinyl chloride. PVC floor refers to the floor product produced by using polyvinyl chloride as raw material.
PVC floor is divided into two types: coil floor and sheet floor. Coil floor is softer, also called plastic floor. Sheet floor has many specifications and high hardness, mainly divided into strip and square. , also known as stone plastic floor.
PVC floor can be divided into homogeneous PVC floor and composite PVC floor in structure, and SPC and LTV floor belong to the category of PVC floor in terms of division.
What is SPC Flooring
SPC floor is mainly a new type of floor product made of calcium powder, polyvinyl chloride and other materials mixed in a certain proportion. Since polyvinyl chloride is added to the raw material, it belongs to a type of PVC floor and is classified as rigid PVC in form. Sheet Flooring.

What is the difference between SPC floor and PVC floor
From the above analysis, it can be concluded that SPC floor is actually a classification of PVC floor. In fact, SPC floor can also be called PVC floor, or stone-plastic floor, but compared with the coil floor in PVC floor , and there is a big difference; while PVC floor is a relatively large floor concept, which can be subdivided into several different floor products, all of which have excellent performance.

Post time: Feb-15-2022