What are the characteristics of WPC wood plastic floor?

With the increasing emphasis on limited resources, in the decoration industry, more and more new materials have gradually entered the market, including WPC wood plastic flooring, an interior decoration material. Let’s take a look at it together. WPC What are the characteristics of wood-plastic floors, and how to clean up daily stains?

WPC wood plastic floor has superior performance:
As the saying goes, it is difficult to adjust, WPC wood plastic flooring can leap into the mainstream of the industry and be sought after by many enterprises and consumers, which is inseparable from its superior performance.

First, WPC wood plastic floor has excellent physical properties such as good strength, high hardness, non-slip, wear-resistant, insect-resistant, corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant, heat-insulating and flame-retardant;

Second, WPC wood plastic floor not only has the natural appearance and texture of wood, but also has better stability than wood;

Third, WPC wood plastic floor has secondary processing properties of wood that can be sawed, planed and bonded;

Fourth, and the most important point, WPC wood plastic floor not only does not release harmful substances to cause air pollution, but also can be recycled and reused 100%, with excellent environmental protection performance.

WPC wood plastic floor has significant benefits:

In addition to the characteristics of superior performance, WPC wood plastic floor also has significant social benefits.

First of all, the WPC wood plastic floor itself does not contain dangerous chemical components, nor does it release harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, benzene, etc., so that consumers can use it with peace of mind;

Secondly, WPC wood-plastic floor is made of wood-plastic composite material, which is green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly. It can be recycled and reused 100%, and it can also be biodegraded, which is of great significance to environmental protection;

Finally, the main raw material of WPC wood-plastic floor is wood-plastic composite material, which can replace steel, bamboo and wood. Under the general trend of environmental protection, the environmental and social benefits produced are huge.

In general, in the flooring industry where formaldehyde problems frequently occur, WPC wood-plastic flooring, which has superior physical, appearance, processing and environmental performance, as well as huge environmental and social benefits, is insufficient to be able to leap into the mainstream of the industry. Surprising. Because it perfectly meets the needs of the current government, industry, and consumers, and is a product of the times.

Different stains require different stain removal methods:

Dust and dirt: In general, water can be cleaned, but special places can be cleaned with soapy water.

Chalk stains: If it can’t be removed directly, bleach or hot soapy water can be used for all but white stains.

Ice and snow stains: Clean stains, soil, dirt with hot soapy water or calcium chloride: Wipe with a detergent containing oxalic or phosphoric acid for about fifteen minutes to remove stains.

Oily Stains: Once stains appear, they can be cleaned with detergent or hot soapy water

Juice and wine stains: Mix white stain with hot soapy water and wipe

Ink Stains: Dilute a mixture of white stain and hot soapy water and wipe.

What are the characteristics of WPC wood plastic floor, how to clean up daily stains? The above is a detailed explanation of the problem, I hope it can help you.

Post time: Sep-15-2022