What are the characteristics of spc floor

Wide Range Of Style And Selections

This huge variation of styles give you abundant freedom to come out with the pattern and arrangement you like. If you are a risk taker, have fun mix-and-match with different colors to create your desired look. Just let your creativity flow!

Real Wood-like Design
Timeless design mimicking the beauty of nature is in fact what makes SPC flooring so popular. Some brands even able to achieve the real-wood likeliness that is difficult to tell the difference from far.You can proudly said that it is a ‘wood’ flooring without all the drawbacks of real wood. Isn’t it wonderful?

Budget Friendly
Generally, SPC flooring is way more affordable than hardwood flooring and yet it’s able to provide the same natural wood-look effect you desire. The installation cost is also inexpensive. You can even save up the labour cost by going diy the installation. Needless to say, it is definitely an alternative to expensive wood flooring.

Able To Sustain High Traffic
Don’t be surprise that SPC flooring is able to handle high traffic activity better than other type of flooring. In fact, this feature is one of the main reason why SPC flooring is so popular. It can sustain lots of foot traffic which is very suitable for large family or active people.

Durable And Long-lasting
Don’t be surprised to find SPC flooring can actually last 20 years over if it’s well maintained. That is also why some big brands of SPC flooring is able to provide warranties of 15 years and above.The quality range of SPC and ways of manufacture are the determining factors of how well your SPC flooring lasts. Speaking of quality, here are the SPC material with prominent durable feature that you should not missed.
Solid and composite SPC: These are the homogeneous type of SPC having high resistant against scratches and surface damage.

Fiber-glass reinforced SPC: It is one of the most durable type as fiber-glass is great for it’s strength and flexibility. This type of SPC material is extremely durable and able to sustain heavy-duty usage.

Easy To Clean And Maintain
If you are not a homemaker or not having much time for house chores, SPC flooring might be what you need. All you have to do is to sweep and damp mop occasionally and it will be sufficient to keep your house clean.

Even if you found any damaged pieces or tiles, you can simply replace each individual piece without having to remove the entire flooring. You will soon find that maintaining the condition of SPC flooring is much easier comparing to other type of flooring.

Underfoot Comfort
SPC flooring is not as hard as wood flooring. A thin layer of foam or felt is normally use to backed SPC flooring.
This padded structure adds softness and flexibility and makes standing long hours feel less tired. The level of comfortness when stepping on it is also different from any other type of flooring could offer.

Simple And Direct Installation
SPC flooring can be installed directly on top of your existing floor as long as the condition of your flooring is flat and smooth. The installation is pretty simple particularly for click-lock type. It is said to be designed for people who love diy!

Stain Resistant
There is one type of SPC flooring which is famously known for stain resistant. It’s the printed SPC tiles or sheets. The theory behind is the wear layer on the SPC surface that act as a protective barriers against spillage and stains.

Since not all type of SPC flooring has strong stain resistant, you might want to avoid composite or solid SPC if this feature is your main concern.

Water Resistant
SPC flooring that is well-installed is almost seamless which makes it difficult for water to sips in. This interesting benefit allow it to be installed in almost every area of your house including laundry area.

Post time: Mar-10-2023