The origin of “Six 1″ International Children’s Day

International Children’s Day on June 1 is the happiest day for children. Every time on International Children’s Day on June 1, children from all over the world hold rallies. Children happily celebrate their festivals. However, people may not know this happy The festival commemorates the tragic events that occurred during World War II.

In June 1942, the German fascists brutally ransacked the village of Lidice, 20 kilometers from Prague, the Czech capital. At that time, a total of 88 children who were in bloom were killed. The houses and buildings in the village were all burned down, and a village was destroyed by the German fascists. How could such a little-known village become a thorn in the side of the Nazis? How did this tragedy that shocked the world at that time happen? In May 1942, Heydrich, the head of the Nazi German fascist Gestapo who was in charge of the Czech Moravia region, was assassinated. The death of this murderer immediately caused a strong reaction in Nazi Germany, and Hitler ordered his accomplices to launch a frantic revenge against the Czechs. Using a letter of unknown origin, they insisted that the villagers of Lidice on the outskirts of Prague supported the assassination. The Gestapo used the village of Lidice as a place to set an example. On June 10, the Gestapo killed all 173 men over the age of 15 in Lidice village. The mothers and children in the village were forcibly separated and sent to concentration camps. After the war it was discovered that the children were either mutilated by the Nazis or had disappeared and could not be recovered. However, evil can never triumph over justice. When the Gestapo razed the village of Lidice to the ground in an attempt to wipe it out from the earth, it aroused the anger of people all over the world. On June 12, as soon as the news of the Lidice massacre spread, a small town in Illinois, USA, announced that it had changed its name to Lidice. Immediately afterwards, some villages in Brazil, Venezuela, Israel, South Africa, and elsewhere, squares, streets, and even girls’ names began to be called Lidice.

In order to mourn Lidice village and all the children in the world who died in the war of fascist aggression, to oppose the torture and poisoning of children by imperialist warmongers, and to protect children’s rights, in November 1949, the International Federation of Democratic Women convened an executive committee in Moscow, Soviet Union. , the meeting identified June 1 each year as International Children’s Day. After the founding of New China, the Central People’s Government Government Affairs Council made a decision on December 23, 1949, stipulating that June 1 was the Children’s Day of New China. “.

Post time: Jun-01-2022