The future market development space for stone plastic flooring is unlimited

Stone Plastic Floor (SPC)
It uses natural limestone ore powder and resin powder as the main raw materials, and is produced by a process of high temperature and high pressure integrated extrusion molding. A new generation of new floor materials. SPC lock floor is the only renewable floor decoration material at present, does not contain any radioactive elements, is green and environmentally friendly, and has great significance for the protection of our earth’s natural resources and ecological environment, as well as the future sustainable development. SPC stone crystal flooring must be the core force for the development of our country’s decoration market in the future.
Meet the requirements of green economy development
As a new type of environmentally friendly floor, SPC is not only a strong performance, but also has the basic advantages of zero formaldehyde, waterproof and fireproof, moisture-proof and abrasion resistance. It is also simple to pave, so it is easy to dismantle, and it is easy to remove the original ground. Neither the SPC lock floor has any damage, and it can be recycled.

Diverse styles to meet individual needs
Stone Plastic Flooring (SPC) is an aesthetic floor product with strong plasticity. Its design styles are diverse, which can meet the needs of diversified use and matching of scenes. Shijing flooring has the advantages of personalized patterns and free assembly, which meets the consumer needs and aesthetic pursuits of the post-90s generation. According to relevant statistics, the post-90s group in my country has become the main consumer of SPC flooring, accounting for 42% of the overall consumption. The SPC floor that combines environmental protection and convenience is more attractive to young people who have a strong demand for personalized products.

Infinite market development space in the future
At present, stone plastic flooring (SPC) is quickly accepted and used in the field of tooling, and the application space is mostly in some hotels, apartments, hospitals, and public places. SPC stone plastic flooring will be promising in commercial real estate, and there will be further breakthroughs in real estate projects, and the home improvement market will also usher in rapid development. SPC flooring is mainly for people who require a relatively fast pace of renovation, old house renovation or secondary renovation needs, so it belongs to the emerging market in the industry, it is not to grab the market under the existing market capacity, but to capture a new piece of Market, so the future market development space is broader.

Post time: Jan-05-2022