The difference between bamboo fiber wallboard and spc wallboard

In recent years, bamboo-wood fiber wallboard and spc wallboard have appeared frequently, but many people still don’t know what bamboo-wood fiber wallboard and spc wallboard are made of and what are the differences.

The main component of bamboo fiber wallboard is PVC (resin) plus a small amount of bamboo powder or wood powder and stabilizer. The more bamboo powder, the softer, the lower the hardness, the stronger the toughness, and the color of the bamboo fiber wallboard itself Yellowish, rough cross-section, with many foaming holes.

In fact, the bamboo fiber wallboard is made by foaming technology. For example, 8mm boards can be expanded to 12mm through foaming technology. It is emphasized that many bad businesses add pigments to ordinary boards to fool consumers in order to reduce costs and increase profits. There is no bamboo fiber at all, but under the name of bamboo fiber, the color of the board is changed to light yellow, misleading consumers.

spc wallpanels

Spc wallboard is as environmentally friendly as bamboo-wood fiber wallboard, but the added ingredients are different. As the name implies, spc wallboard is added with stone powder, which is very environmentally friendly.

The biggest advantage of spc wallboard is that it has high hardness, is not easy to change, does not contain expansion agent, fire resistance, and heat insulation must be deeper.The wallboard is laid on wall, and it will inevitably be bumped. It is better to use spc wallboard, and in view of the high price of bamboo fiber wall board, the superior cost performance of spc wallboard is reflected!


Post time: Feb-04-2021