The biggest flooring trends for 2019

According to the US FC News (Floor coveringnews), elastic flooring has once again become a significant growth in ground materials, mainly due to the high cost performance of WPC and SPC. In particular, in contrast to hard floor materials, elastic flooring products are far ahead in the sales of all types of flooring. Sales of flexible flooring in 2017 was $3.993 billion, an increase of 14.1% from $3,499 million in 2016. The industry’s first quarter sales area was 4.024 billion square feet, up 13.8% from 3.537 billion square feet in the same period in 2016. Even more surprising is that the percentage of revenue growth in resilient flooring is 3.5 times higher than the growth of the entire industry, and sales growth is about five times that of the entire flooring industry.


Different from Wood Plastic Composite, or WPC, which is commonly referred to as waterproof vinyl, the SPC core is more stable and harder. Rigid vinyl planks contain all the traditional advantages of luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring without the risk of telegraphing and offers optimised acoustic and waterproof benefits.

By virtue of its excellent stability and durability, rigid vinyl planks not only solve the solid wood flooring damp and mildew problem, they also give you all the benefits expected from a resilient product, such as being soft and warm underfoot, watertight, offering wearresistance  benefits.

While flooring trends should always be top of mind when specifying floors, the type of flooring that you choose still needs to work with your client’s space, needs and interior design. So, SPC flooring will be the choice of more users.

As a spc floor operator in alibaba platform and a spc flooring exporter,My most real feeling is that there are more and more RFQs on the spc floor, and the number of exports is increasing. After experiencing the blue ocean, the spc floor has finally begun to flourish around the world.


Post time: Apr-12-2019