spc floor and wpc floor, their similarities and differences

Among the various trends related to home design, rigid flooring is the most desirable option. Precisely an elegant and relatively inexpensive option that creates a different look as well as a new personalized look in each single room. There are two types of rigid floors: SPC floors and WPC floors. Let’s find out what they are, their pros and cons in installation, and why you should choose between the two.

Structural Similarities Between SPC and WPC Flooring

SPC and WPC floors are very similar to vinyl floors, except for the components associated with the core layers that make up them. For SPC floors, the core layer consists of natural limestone powder, PVC and stabilizers. For WPC floors, the core is made from recycled wood pulp and plastic components.


They all have a waterproof base and most importantly have the same layer composition. Let’s start from the first layer to the last layer:

Wear layer: thin and transparent

Vinyl layer: printed with floor and color model

Bottom layer: is the layer that makes the floor waterproof

Basic Level: Basically a support plan

Key Differences Between SPC and WPC Flooring

Besides the materials used to create the two types of floors, the main differences between the two are:

Thickness: For WPC floors, the thickness is 5.5-8 mm, for SPC floors, the thickness is 3.2 to 7 mm

Touch: The WPC floor has a slight advantage in this area, as it is thicker and the feeling of stability when walking on it is more prominent. In this case, the thickness also helps to provide better insulation

Soundproofing: The thicker thickness makes WPC floor more suitable for those who like quiet, but we can also say that SPC floor has strong sound absorption resistance, so you can choose it instead of WPC

Durability: Although SPC floors are less thick than WPC floors, they are definitely more durable against damage and heavy loads

Stability: Both can be installed in any environment with high humidity and temperature, but SPC floors tend to offer higher performance

Price: SPC flooring is cheaper than WPC flooring

The same advantages of SPC and WPC flooring

However, in these analogies, we find that SPC and WPC floors share the following advantages:

Waterproof: Both SPC and WPC floors have a fully waterproof inner core. Avoid deformation when wet

Durability: They are both very scratch and stain resistant, making them a great fit as they are not prone to wear and tear even in the busiest areas of the house

Styles: Both SPC and WPC include a variety of selection options. Colors, patterns, printed drawings are all on vinyl. They are floors that make tiles, stone and wood realistic

Easy to install: can be laid even without professional help. They can be installed on a pre-existing floor or floor

Post time: Aug-11-2022