3D wall panels: create a different wall effect

You know that you can choose SPC floor when decorating the floor, so what products can you choose when you want to decorate the wall? You can opt for 3D PS wall panels, which also have many great features and allow for more options and creativity in decorating.

3D wall panel is an environmentally friendly decorative material with a strong three-dimensional effect. It extrudes different concave and convex textures through the mold to form a three-dimensional visual effect. 3D wall panels can add layering and dynamics to a space. It is not only suitable for hotels, hospitals, schools, clubs and other tools, but also suitable for home decoration, bringing people a beautiful, comfortable and healthy living environment.

The advantages of 3D wall panels are as follows:

Waterproof and water resistance: 3D wall panels have high waterproof performance, and the material structure of the inner wall panels is relatively strict, so the waterproof performance is relatively good, and it is suitable for use in places with relatively humid spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.
Zero aldehyde and environmental protection: 3D wall panels have good environmental protection performance, and the use of materials will not produce harmful substances to the human body. It meets the national G/T169-2005 standard and belongs to non-radioactive Class A products.
Abrasion and Impact Resistant: The surface of the 3D wall panels has a protective layer of abrasion resistance, which can achieve commercial-grade abrasion resistance, and has the characteristics of impact and no marks.
Mute and reduce noise: 3D wall panels have excellent noise reduction performance, which can effectively isolate external noise and vibration, and create a quiet and comfortable space.
EASY INSTALLATION: The 3D wall panels are simple and quick to install and remove without professional tools and techniques.
High Appearance: 3D wall panels are made of rare or classic woods and precious stones from all over the world, and restored into products through digital technology, showing natural and exquisite beauty.

Compared with traditional stone slabs, marble, ceramic slabs and other decorative materials, 3D wall panels also have obvious advantages.

All in all, 3D wall panels are an environmentally friendly decorative material with multiple advantages and features. It can meet the decoration needs of different places and styles, which is a new trend and new choice in the future decoration industry.

Post time: Jun-07-2023