Several points that wpc floor should pay attention to

Advantages of WPCs

WPC Engineered Vinyl Flooring——The price of WPC is gold level. The price of WPC 5.5mm is basically the same price level as Vinyl’s 5.0mm lock and glue-free products, but it is higher than the magic buckle, and far higher Suitable for washing glue and ordinary PVC floor (rubbing glue type);

The installation cost of WPC is far lower than ordinary brushed PVC floor, lower than ordinary PVC lock floor, and glue-free PVC floor, the installation cost of magic buckle and water-washed PVC floor is not much different;

The water resistance of WPC is quite good, and the water resistance of the wood-plastic layer is also very stable. On the contrary, the magic buckle, water-washing glue, and ordinary brush-type PVC flooring are generally waterproof because of the glue involved;

In terms of ease of installation, WPC is relatively convenient because of its Angle-Tap installation method, and is suitable for DIY. Of course, Dry back, which needs to be charged separately, is the worst in this regard.

WPC flooring is definitely good in terms of quietness and foot feel, especially WPC flooring with cork or EVA pads;

WPC is also very good in terms of environmental protection, including formaldehyde emission, heavy metals, especially the Reach test, 144 items all passed.

WPC flooring is weak in terms of recyclability after use, because WPC (WoodPlastic) cannot be recycled and reused. PVC flooring of other products can be recycled as recycled materials and continue to be used

Several issues that need to be paid attention to in WPC

(1) Because the LVT layer of WPC is generally only 1.5mm thick, the slab pattern should be relatively flat as much as possible. Don’t do hand grip and Classic slate (slate pattern), the rate of defective products will be very high.

(2) The cost of a 6.0MM wood-plastic layer is $1.8 per square meter higher than that of a 5M wood-plastic layer

WPC+2.0mm EVA Form: Price+USD1.00SQM

WPC+1.5mm Cork: Price+USD1.50SQM

(3) The LVT layer and WPC layer of WPC are bonded by glue, and the peel strength is still very good, even better than the bonding strength of LVT color film layer and frosted sheet after hot pressing

(4) The size of WPC, some may mention the need for a width of 143mm. Our products used to be this width, but after testing and experience in mass production, the loss of 143mm will be greater, so it is uniformly changed to 146mm, less wear and tear Means low cost.

(5). When preparing WPC samples, especially when you need a whole piece of sample, please be sure to assemble it yourself to see if there is any problem. Some samples in the early stage are defective. It is okay to make a small sample, but the whole piece may be There are problems such as height difference and oblique seam when assembling, so please be sure to confirm before sending. Otherwise, the effect will be even worse.

Post time: Feb-03-2023