Selection and installation methods of SPC flooring

If you are interested in SPC flooring, and want to use SPC flooring in your home or commercial space, then you need to pay attention to some selection and installation methods.

You can refer to the following steps:

Step one: Determine your budget and needs. Before choosing SPC flooring, you need to consider your budget range and needs type. For example, you need to consider the size, location, use, style, etc. of the space you want to use SPC flooring. Different spaces may require different types, sizes, thicknesses, colors, etc. of SPC flooring.
Step two: Find the best spc flooring for you.
Step three: Purchase and prepare the materials and tools needed. In addition to the SPC flooring itself, you may also need some other materials and tools, such as underlayer pad, cutting knife, ruler, pencil, hammer, rubber hammer, etc.
Step four: Install SPC flooring. After preparing the materials and tools needed, you can start installing SPC flooring.
The installation process is roughly divided into the following steps:
1.Clean and check the base layer. The base layer is the existing ground layer before installing SPC flooring, such as concrete, wood, tile, etc. You need to clean and check whether the base layer is clean, flat, dry, and has no cracks or bumps or other defects.
2.Lay and fix the underlayer pad. The underlayer pad is a layer of soft material that is installed between the base layer and the SPC flooring, such as IXPE or cork. The underlayer pad can provide comfort and sound insulation, and can also compensate for some minor defects of the base layer. You need to lay and fix the underlayer pad, and make sure there are no overlaps or gaps.
3.To prevent the natural expansion of the floor, 0.4 cm gap should be reserved between the wall and the floor.
4.When installing the first and second floor, insert the convex damage of the short side into the groove of the first floor,Continue to use the above method to install other floors…
5.When installing the last piece of the first row, you need to take the remaining part of the floor measure-ment first, and note that the floor needs to be measured in reverse.
6.Cut SPC flooring. Use the art knife to force the floor surface, break it by hands easily, then install the last floor of the first row.
7.Use a rubber hammer when there are gaps.
8.Install and decorate edge strips. Install and decorate edge strips means to install some decorative or protective strip-shaped objects between the edge of the room and the wall, to cover the gaps and increase the beauty. You need to choose the appropriate edge strips according to the shape and style of the room, and fix them on the wall.
Step five: Clean and enjoy the newly installed SPC flooring. After completing the installation process, you need to clean and enjoy the newly installed SPC flooring. You need to clean up the excess materials and tools, and wipe off any dust or stains that may be on the surface with a damp cloth. Then, you can admire and use the newly installed SPC flooring.

This article introduces the selection and installation methods of SPC flooring. Through this article, we can understand that SPC flooring can meet the needs of different spaces and styles, and at the same time, the floor that is easy to install also contributes to environmental protection and resource conservation. If you want to use SPC flooring, you can follow the suggestions in this article, install it correctly. I hope this article can help you.

Post time: May-30-2023