Questions about wall panels

Stone plastic wallboard in the water will not expand, deformation, in different humid environment. The other indoor and outdoor wooden products are suitable for dry environment, which is easy to crack and fade after sunlight exposure. Stone plastic wallboard avoids this kind of defect.A墙板

Spc wall panel is fire-retardant ?

Yes, it is B1 grade fire –retardant


Which place could use spc wall panel ?

Home ,hotel ,school , Library ,fitness ceneter ,kitchen,bathroom,basement ,living room ,study room ,ktv ,restaurant ,bar ,office and so on .


How many colors could choose ?

Utop have all kinds of designs and colors ,more than 100 colors to choose from.


Utop spc wall panel is easy to install ?

Yes , Spc wall panel has a card slot design, which enhances the operability while using and installing, and the card slot design is more solid.


Utop spc wall panel is easy to install ,which could save a lot of your time and money.


Post time: Jan-08-2020