More and more large-scale projects choose SPC floor

We can see SPC floors in many schools, hotels, hospitals, and shopping malls. More and more tooling projects will choose SPC floors. What are the advantages of SPC floors when doing large-scale projects?

Pavement effect atmosphere

The SPC floor has a large single-roll area and few joints. It can show a high-end atmosphere in large spaces such as corridors and halls. SPC floor has a variety of colors and is very simple to cut. You can choose different colors to assemble, which can not only express individuality, but also avoid monotony.

Paving is very fast

Most SPC floors are designed with locks, which makes installation easier. When installing, just align the male and female grooves of the locks and buckle them together. Compared with ceramic tiles and wooden floors, the paving time can be greatly shortened. . In addition, the SPC floor can be put into use after paving, which has positive significance for shortening the cycle of the entire project.

High degree of wear resistance

The SPC floor has a special wear-resistant layer, even in stations, shopping malls, etc. with very large traffic, there will be no problem of wear and tear.

Good anti-skid performance

The tiles that have just been mopped will be very slippery if there is water remaining, and the daily maintenance of wooden floors is more troublesome. The daily cleaning of the SPC floor is basically the same as that of the ceramic tile. The difference is that the SPC floor will feel more astringent when it encounters water, and it is not easy to slip even if there is water on the surface.


Fire retardant

Many large-scale engineering projects have high requirements on the fire performance of decorative materials, and the material of SPC floor has natural flame retardancy, and its fire rating can reach B1 level, which is one of the important reasons why many large-scale projects choose SPC floor.

SPC flooring has been popular in foreign countries for a long time, not only in the field of tooling, but also in the home improvement market. Instead of buying seemingly “affordable” non-environmental-friendly floors and trying to get rid of formaldehyde in the later stage, it is better to directly buy high-quality and environmentally-friendly SPC floors.

Post time: Aug-09-2022