Identified spc flooring whether virgin material

With the increasing popularity of spc flooring, many spc flooring suppliers have appeared on the market.

When we look closely, we will find that these floors will have some differences in appearance and quality. But why do most people still prefer virgin material flooring? How do we know whether the flooring on the market is made of virgin materials?


1. Why do people prefer virgin material flooring?

Floors made of pure natural stone powder and resin have a delicate appearance of the rigid core layer. After time of oxidation, they generally do not continue to be white, but become beige. If you find a rigid core layer that is always pure white in the market, there is a high probability that other ingredients have been added to the raw materials.

The floor rigid core made of virgin materials is recyclable, and almost no formaldehyde is produced during use. It can be said that it is very healthy and very safe. However, if the floor made of recycled materials , the appearance of the rigid core layer will be a little darker, and the amount of formaldehyde generated during use is much greater than that of floors made of virgin  materials.

Therefore, users want to choose safe and healthy floors, because it is closely related to our daily life.


2. How to identified whether the floor on the market is made of virgin materials?

If you have to go to a testing agency to test before each purchase, it will waste time and money. For this problem, we briefly summarized three aspects, that is, three simple methods.

A). Look at the color, we have already introduced it above.

B). Illuminate the floor with a flashlight. If you see light penetrating on the another side, the floor is most likely made of virgin material.

C). Check whether there are bubbles on the cross-section of the floor, or it is rough. Generally, the cross-section of the floor made of virgin materials is relatively delicate and smooth.


The above are some small methods to help identify, I hope it can help you.

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Post time: Mar-04-2021