IBS SHOW walked with you in February 2019

IBS SHOW walked with you in February 2019. At that time, more than 1,400 exhibitors from more than 60 countries will gather in Las Vegas to open a beautiful vision of the New Year business. According to previous exhibitors, nearly 90% of the participants came from the decision-making level, and the overall level of the exhibitors was quite high. Due to the increasing market concentration, the number of participants in IBS SHOW has decreased this year. 


Nearly 90% of the participants in this exhibition will come from overseas, once again demonstrating the absolute appeal of IBS in the world. Among the visitors, the number of wholesale and retail professionals increased significantly, while the number of architects, interior designers and contract specialists was also good.

The new global director commented: “Industry, customers, partners, architects, designers and other industry players from all over the world gathered at the X show to establish a new relationship of trade cooperation and open up new opportunities for cooperation.” He added. “This echoes and interprets the theme of this exhibition CREATE’N'CONNECT.”



“The world trend, led by you” – the biggest highlight of this year’s IBS

§ Floor space – around the theme of “CREATE’N’CONNECT”

§ Innovative interaction and environmental design projects

§ Connected floor design provides inspiration for exhibitors

§ Personalized products for floor coverings

§ From sustainability to emulating nature

§ Latest innovations and traditional floor coverings

§ Ingenuity, time saving, businessman friendly

§ Smooth surface, retro style geometric carpet

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Post time: Apr-12-2019