Herringbone spc floor

In our impression, the floor is rectangular or square, especially the spc floor, generally all kinds of rectangular spc floor are spliced ​​together to be comfortable and beautiful in use.


The orderly arrangement, the rhythmic geometric lines roam in it, make the space from the plane to the three-dimensional, and outline the unparalleled visual effect of the herringbone spc floor, which is elegant and atmospheric.

▼ The purchasing skills of the herringbone floor

1. Water resistance
The moisture content is an important factor that directly affects the dimensional stability of the floor. Usually, the moisture content of the wooden floor should be consistent with the local moisture content, otherwise the floor will have different degrees of dimensional changes when the environment changes. The spc floor is insoluble in water.

2. Flame retardancy
The spc floor is flame retardant and does not ignite spontaneously, while other floors cannot do it, especially wood floors

3. Formaldehyde content
SPC floors do not contain formaldehyde, but parquet and laminate floors contain a certain amount of formaldehyde in the adhesive, which will be gradually released into the surrounding environment in gaseous form.
When people are in an environment with a high concentration of formaldehyde, discomfort in the eyes, nasal cavity and respiratory tract will occur, endangering health.

4. Wear resistance
Laminate flooring has good wear resistance because there is a wear-resistant layer on its surface. We see 4000-18000r in the product description, which means the wear resistance, which also corresponds to the content of corundum abrasive in the wear-resistant layer. . The wear resistance of spc floor is twice that of laminate floor.

5. Paint surface treatment
Different from laminate flooring, the board surface of solid wood floor and solid wood composite floor is painted, and the paint surface should be checked to be uniform, smooth and smooth when selecting. No leaking paint, no bubbles, no cracks. The SPC floor adopts UV treatment, no need to choose and can be used arbitrarily.

6. Floor hardness
The higher the density of the laminate flooring, the higher the mechanical properties and impact resistance, so the side is more resistant to knocking, but it is not that the higher the density, the better.
Under the same conditions, the density of the base material is high, the larger the thickness expansion rate of water absorption, the poorer the dimensional stability, and the deformation is easy to be deformed when encountering water and moisture. At the same time, the hardness is large, the toughness is poor, and the foot feels uncomfortable.
The spc floor is made of lime powder material, which will not expand and deteriorate, so it is more suitable for home decoration.
2. How to install Herringbone

▼ Installation method of herringbone floor

How to install herringbone floor First measure the size of the room and install it according to the size.

1. Before installation, the ground must be clean, dry, stable, flat and free of furniture.

2. The construction personnel should choose the installation effect according to the requirements of the customer, adjust the orientation of the floor reasonably and scientifically, and lay the moisture-proof mat of the floor first.

3. Herringbone paving method: first cut the front opening at 45 degrees, then install the first floor, and use the small end convex groove of the reverse opening to align the front opening groove at 90 degrees. ,

4. Tap the floor with a clapper and a hammer to put the floor together to avoid gaps.

5. After the floor is installed, remove the temporary wooden tenon to ensure that there are expansion joints, and install the skirting board. The bottom of the skirting board is tightly combined with the floor surface.

6. Lay the floor on the keel designed with geothermal pipes. The straight diaphragm part of the floor must be laid on the keel. The width of the keel shall not be less than 45mm, and the center interval of each keel shall not be greater than 300mm.

Post time: Apr-28-2022