Comparison of stone plastic floor and other material floor

We often see the use of carpet, tile, marble and other building materials on the ground. What are the differences between stone plastic floors and other material comparison?

Today we take you to know, hope to help you.

1.stone plastic floor and carpet comparison


The composition and production process are different: carpets are made of cotton, linen, wool, silk, grass and other natural fibers or chemical synthetic fiber materials, by hand or mechanical technology to knit, grow or textile.

There are differences in performance and maintenance: carpets are inflammable, fear of fire, water, and fear of tide, and the maintenance is very troublesome, very easy to dirty, easy to hide dirt and breed bacteria. The stone plastic floor is fireproof, flame-retardant, water resistant and not afraid of moisture. It is very simple and can be wiped with a cloth. It has good stain resistance and antibacterial effect.

2.stone plastic floor and ceramic tile comparison


The composition and production process are different: the so-called ceramic tile is a kind of building or decorating material such as porcelain or stone, which is resistant to acid and alkali, by grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing and sintering, which is used as a refractory metal oxide and semi metal oxide. Its raw materials are mostly made of clay, quartz sand and so on.

Performance and maintenance are different: tiles are not skid resistant and cold texture, maintenance is also troublesome, very easy to dirty.There are differences in installation: ceramic tiles are very heavy, installation is more laborious, and it is difficult to remove after installation, and can not be reused. The stone plastic floor is light in weight and easy to install. It can be directly paved on the original ground without compressing the space, so it is very suitable for the old building renovation.

3.stone plastic floor and marble stone comparison


Stone is very heavy, which brings a lot of burden to transportation and construction, especially for the main structure of high-rise buildings.

Stone is easy to slide in water and cool in texture.

The price of marble is high, but the laying effect is very high. It is suitable for high-grade sites.

comparison of stone plastic floor and plastic floor leather


Plastic floor leather and stone plastic flooring are not the same products. Although some people call stone plastic floors as floor leather and plastic flooring, they actually confuse two kinds of flooring.

Plastic floor (floor leather) is a very low-end product. Its main component is plastic. It is afraid of fire and aging. It has a very short service life.

Post time: Apr-12-2019