Can the spc floor be any color?

SPC flooring is widely used in home improvement and commercial places. It is a floor that is very suitable for the renovation of old urban buildings. In recent years, more and more home decoration will choose SPC flooring. SPC flooring has replaced wooden flooring even in some countries. Because the wooden floor is characterized by very hard, children’s bone development is not suitable for use. There are also many arthritis for the elderly. If the floor is too hard, it will increase the stiffness of the leg muscles.

What about SPC flooring? Is there the same problem?

SPC flooring is indeed better than some characteristics than wooden floors, but it is far from being exaggerated as people said.

Hearing many people in the market’s dexterous SPC floor, it’s also drunk!

We have sorted out several major misunderstandings of the SPC floor, so that everyone can better understand this product

1. Scope of application

SPC flooring is indeed a very good material, which has the advantages of wear resistance, durability, and environmental protection. Widely used in various indoor places. Covering medical, sports, schools, education, kindergartens, business, office, etc.

Thanks to the super wear resistance characteristics of SPC flooring, even in places with large traffic flows, SPC flooring is often seen.

2. Production cycle

LVT and WPC floor custom delivery periods are 30 days or even longer. The SPC floor can be formed through one -piece squeezing process, and the delivery time can be shortened several times.

3. Color customization

The SPC floor has a special structure. Among them, the color film layer of the SPC floor enables the floor to become any color, that is, any color pattern you want can be customized.
But the most commonly used is still wood grain, marble pattern, carpet pattern, etc.

4. Waterproof fire prevention

SPC flooring is indeed waterproof, and it is often used in a place that often contacts water in the bathroom and kitchen. But pay attention to drainage, as long as you do not immerse the SPC floor for several months in water, there will be no problems.

Similarly, the SPC floor also has the characteristics of fire prevention, flame retardant and non -spontaneous combustion. This also provides a certain safety for our home environment.

5. Environmental protection

Generally speaking, the floor will contain formaldehyde, but the SPC floor does not contain any glue due to the particularity of the raw materials and does not contain any glue in the production process. Therefore, the SPC floor is a truly environmentally friendly product. Harmicis to the human body.

Post time: Jan-10-2023