Can spc flooring really replace solid wood flooring

With the emergence of new materials, the floor decoration is no longer dominated by ceramic tiles and wood floors. More and more people try new products and get their praise.
What flooring materials are worth buying? SPC flooring, which is environmental friendly and wear-resistant, also has the texture of wood flooring, equivalent to the ceiling of the flooring industry. What’s good about SPC flooring? Next I tell you!
SPC floor is made of calcium powder, resin powder and PVC through high temperature and high pressure molding. No glue is needed, so formaldehyde will not be produced, which is particularly environmentally friendly.
Among them, PVC plastic is a kind of plastic product, with very wear-resistant surface, good elasticity, long service life, and no need for special maintenance in the later period.
The wood floor we are talking about is made of density board glue, so the formaldehyde content is high and the pavement is not environmentally friendly.
Wood flooring and SPC flooring are very different, precisely because the latter’s structure is different.
SPC floor has five layers, including UV coating, to increase the stain resistance of the surface layer; The wear-resistant layer makes the floor durable; There are also colored film layers, which imitate the texture of wood floors; SPC substrate layer and mute layer ensure the environmental protection of the floor.
It is precisely because of these five structures that SPC flooring has greater advantages than wood flooring and is more suitable for home decoration. Even my fastidious friend has paved a new house under my Amway.
1. Environmentally friendly and pollution-free
The materials used for SPC flooring, such as calcium powder and resin powder, are pollution-free, while PVC is degradable, so the production process is very environmentally friendly.
Even the paving process does not require glue. It is directly installed through the lock catch of the SPC substrate layer. The process is simple and will not release formaldehyde.
2. Outstanding wear resistance
SPC flooring has a special wear-resistant layer, which can avoid black marks when furniture moves. It is applicable to the pavement of dining room, living room and bedroom.
Generally speaking, SPC floor is not afraid of scraping by sharp objects and pressing by heavy objects, and its appearance is still online.
3. Easy to clean, no maintenance required.
The UV coating on the surface has no pores, which determines that the SPC floor has good waterproof performance. Even if you use a wet mop to mop the floor, water will not seep in, which is an incomparable advantage of wood flooring.
We don’t need to spend a lot of money on maintenance in the future. As long as it is installed on the ground, it will not be a problem for seven or eight years, especially for lazy people like us.
4. It has a high cost performance ratio.
The wood floor has the same appearance and texture as the SPC floor. In order to save money, you must buy SPC flooring!
Based on the above four advantages, more and more people are laying SPC flooring, and it is time for wood flooring to be eliminated!
But to be honest, although spc flooring is very popular abroad, it has not been fully popularized in China.

Post time: Nov-04-2022