Application introduction of self-adhesive floor

1. Scenario application of self-adhesive floor

UTOPlvt self-adhesive floor is a new type of material that can be installed quickly. It has the functions of environmental protection, sound insulation, moisture resistance, scratch resistance and wear resistance. It can be folded and is more suitable for installation in special arc and bending environments. It is easy to scrub, easy to care for, non-toxic, Formaldehyde-free, anti-mold and anti-bacteria are more suitable for fast-installation market and second-hand house renovation, rental house decoration and other places.


Self-adhesive floors can be used in home decoration, offices, kindergartens, gyms, shops, shops, and other places, and are more suitable for the fast-moving market. It is suitable for the personalized decoration of the younger generation after the 90s and 00s, and can be DIY installed by themselves. A variety of colors are available, giving your consumers more choices.

Second, UTOP Lvt self-adhesive floor characteristics

1. Quiet, comfortable, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant – The buffer mute layer of the self-adhesive floor is soft and resilient, and the thickened wear-resistant layer on the surface can easily cope with the wear and tear of daily use.


2. Safe, environmentally friendly and easy to clean – the self-adhesive floor is made of waterproof materials in the production materials. The daily home living environment is very convenient to clean and clean. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, mildew-proof and bacteria-proof.


3. Cutting is easy and easy to install – use a utility knife to complete the required cutting shape, so that it can be installed in various complex venues.


4. High temperature and water resistance – the self-adhesive floor has excellent temperature resistance and waterproof effect, and can meet the service life of 5-10 years under normal use.


Installation and use of UTOP Lvt self-adhesive floor

Self-adhesive floors do not require professional installation masters to install. Before paving, clean the dust on the ground to ensure that the installation ground is flat, and you can paste them directly by yourself. After self-leveling or paving UTOP Lvt self-adhesive floors on tiles, the effect is better. it is good.


Third, the performance advantages of self-adhesive flooring
The surface layer of the floor is a wear-resistant layer. The self-adhesive floor has strong wear resistance. There are many choices in color and size. The floor pattern is fashionable and trendy. It is easy to clean. In daily use, just use a wrung cloth, a mop or a vacuum cleaner. Clean, if the floor is greasy and stained, you can wipe it with detergent. Easy to install: The floor can be directly installed on the ground or other floors, no need to hit the ground dragon. The price is affordable, and the price of self-adhesive floor is much cheaper than that of solid wood floor.

Self-adhesive floor pattern pavement display


Post time: May-06-2022