According to what to choose the floor color?

The choice of floor color determines the aesthetic of the whole family. The choice of floor color is related to many factors

According to the room lighting selection

The day lighting condition of the bedroom limits the choice range of the floor color.

Rooms with good lighting can be selected in a wide range of depth.

On the contrary, for rooms with low floor, bad light and small area, it is necessary to select the floor materials with high brightness and appropriate color, and try to avoid using the materials with dark color.


Select according to room area size

Color will affect people’s visual effect, warm color is the expansion color, cold color is the contraction color.

If choose the warm color floor with thick color, it will make the space more narrow and increase the sense of depression.

Select according to room function

The living room is the place with the most activity areas and also the place to receive guests. Therefore, it is advisable to use the floor with clear and natural wood texture and soft color to create a bright and harmonious atmosphere.

The bedroom is a place for rest and physical and mental relaxation. The floor with warm or neutral color should be used instead of too many strong colors, which will affect the rest.


Choose according to decoration style

Generally speaking, the most perfect decoration style with light color floor mainly includes fashionable and simple style, rural style and American rural style.

Match according to furniture color

After the light colored wood floor is paved in the bedroom, when choosing the home, try to match the hue of the home with the light colored floor

When matching furniture, try to match the same color system, near color system, and contrast color system.

This not only can make people increase more aesthetic feeling in vision, but also can add some color to the overall decoration style.

Post time: May-12-2020