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SPC floor is also known as “SPC stone plastic floor” or “SPC snap floor”. It is the abbreviation of the first English letter of the English “Stone Plastic Composite”. Simply put, it is a composite of stone and special plastics (such as vinyl), and elements such as limestone and stabilizers are added, and reach 100 % Waterproof, dent-resistant and abrasion-resistant floors.

The general SPC floor can be roughly divided into several layers:
1. Anti-UV Layer (Uvioresistant Layer) – Coated on the first layer to resist ultraviolet rays to reduce and prevent the color and material oxidation of the product.
2. Wear Layer – mainly a transparent coating, which provides the floor with good scratch resistance and stain resistance.
3. Vinyl Top Coat – is a printing layer, the main function is to provide waterproof, as well as the texture patterns required for aesthetics.
4. Internal structure (Core) – the main material layer, which is mixed with raw materials such as stone, calcium carbonate, PVC, stabilizer, etc., which also provides stability and waterproofing effects.
5. Underlayment – each brand may have different underlayment (some may or may not), and its function is mainly to increase the softness. Take Yijing’s SPC floor as an example, the bottom is IXPE (environmentally friendly and non-toxic). , non-absorbent) moisture-proof sound-absorbing cushion, the best effect.

Benefits of SPC Flooring:
1. Waterproof: This is one of the biggest factors for many owners to choose SPC flooring. Thanks to its excellent waterproofing, it means it can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and restaurants without worry!
2. Stability: The internal stone-plastic composite material of SPC has good stability and is not affected by changes in cold and hot temperature and humidity in the environment.
3. Appearance: Due to the characteristics of printable coating and vinyl can emboss texture, it has made SPC floor and wood floor almost indistinguishable in appearance, and can provide more choices.
4. Self-installation (DIY Installation): Not all SPCs have the function of self-installation, but taking the Yijing SPC clip floor as an example, it has a function similar to the tenon, and can be installed by itself as long as it is on a flat ground. No tools like glue or nails are required.
5. Quiet effect (Sound): Because the structure is a high-density stone-plastic composite material, it is denser and quieter than wood, and there will be no hollow sound when walking on it.
6. Cleaning: SPC floor has the advantages of easy cleaning and wiping similar to PVC floor tiles, but it is more stable than PVC and therefore easier to maintain.
7. Affordability: The price is also the biggest advantage of the SPC ore snap floor. Depending on the brand or function (such as mute, snap design, etc.), the price will be different, but compared with the log or stone floor, its price It is easier for the owner to accept the burden.

SPC floors were originally built for commercial spaces that required durable floors. Due to many advantages, SPC began to replace wood floors and stone floors to a considerable extent and is becoming one of the most popular floors in home decoration for various reasons. If you are a homeowner or a business owner, the SPC floor, which hardly needs to be replaced after laying, will be a choice worthy of your consideration!

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Post time: Jan-18-2022