4 Tips for Maintaining SPC Floors

In recent years, the SPC flooring has been favored by the market. The reason for this is because the SPC floor has good performance. It is a no-glue product, so the floor is very safe. In addition, SPC floor has a good waterproof effect, fireproof effect and scratch prevention.

A lot of consumers do not protect SPC flooring because of the good performance of the SPC flooring, this can shorten the service life of floor greatly. Next we will teach you a few ways to protect the SPC flooring.Clean the floor regularly and keep it dry.

Although the main component of SPC floor is vinyl resin, it has no affinity for water, so SPC flooring has excellent water waterproof resistance.But we also need to avoid a lot of water stuck in the floor surface for a long time, because the long immersion may penetrate under the floor, make the floor glue lose the bonding force, may also make the protective wax moisture layer of the floor surface cause floor pollution.

Prevent the corrosive cleaning products from remaining on the surface.

In the daily cleaning of the SPC floor, the cleaning balls and knife scraping cannot be used. For the dirt that cannot be cleaned by conventional methods, consult the relevant after-sales personnel before cleaning.

Place a non-rubber door pad outside the door to absorb the dirt from the sole.

The sole may have dust and pebbles, if not be cleaned may cause some damage to the floor. It may also stick some stains on the sole to make the floor difficult to clean.Excessive cleaning can damage the floor.

Prevent crossing the floor with sharp objects, which can damage the paint surface of the floor.

SPC flooring although its wear-resistant and durable performance is stronger than the real wood floor, but when handling items, especially when the metal sharp items at the bottom, do not drag directly on the floor, so as not to damage the floor and affect the appearance. Although SPC has obvious advantages and superior performance, consumers also need to do a good job of SPC floor meticulous maintenance work, so as to ensure the adornment effect of the floor, thus beautify the living space, prolong the service life.

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Post time: Jan-12-2023