which kind of flooring is the best for you

which kind of flooring is the best for you ?

The variety of flooring needs to be discernable by the dazzling of the consumers

Wood floor is one of the main materials chosen by many families in the decoration, but the floor pattern on the building material market is various, solid wood floor, compound floor, laminate floor, bamboo and wood floor, geothermal floor… All kinds of names make consumers confused and don’t know how to choose them.

Solid wood flooring

It is made of natural wood after drying and processing, also known as log flooring.


Advantages: natural texture, environmental protection, cool in winter and hot in summer, good touch, good elasticity, sound insulation, sound absorption and insulation, and can be refurbished.

Disadvantages: no wear resistance, easy to lose luster; not suitable for use in areas where humidity changes greatly, otherwise it is easy to deform; for fear of acid, alkali and other chemicals corrosion, for fear of burning.

Selection method: see whether the edge is straight, whether there are burrs, cracks, insect eyes and so on; see whether the surface paint is smooth, no drums, folds and so on; with several pieces of flooring together, see if joint, flat, high and low gap and difference between length and length; water content should be between 8 and 13%.

Maintenance methods: use semi dry mop when cleaning; best to wax once a quarter; avoid contact with large amounts of water as far as possible; avoid using acid alkali liquid to wipe the surface in order to avoid damaging the surface; avoid scratching the ground.

Suitable place for laying: bedroom, living room, study room of ordinary residence.

Laminate Flooring

Also known as impregnated paper laminated wooden floor, consists of wear resistant layer, decorative layer, high density substrate layer, balance (moistureproof) layer.


Advantages: a wide range of price selection, wide range of application; many varieties of color; good resistance to pollution, good acid resistance, easy maintenance; good antiskid performance; wear-resistant, antibacterial, not worm moth, mildew; not affected by temperature and humidity; good fire resistance; light weight, lighten the carrying capacity of buildings; convenient laying laying.

Disadvantages: there is no solid wood flooring in foot sense; poor repairability; there is a certain problem of formaldehyde emission.

Selection method: the wear-resistant rotations of the family floor usually should be more than 6000 rotations, and the floors laid in public places usually choose 9000 turns or more; the products with national environmental protection signs should be selected.

Maintenance method: after laying, keep indoor air circulation; avoid scratching the surface; avoid water immersion.

Suitable places for laying: ordinary houses and public places

Bamboo flooring

The bamboo board is spliced by adhesive, and the floor is made by high temperature and high pressure.


Advantages: fresh and elegant style, good decorative effect; small color difference; cool in winter and warm in summer; environmental protection and no pollution; moth proofing and mildew proof.

Disadvantage: it will change with the change of climate dry and humidity.

Selection method: see whether the slub is too black, there is no glue line on the surface (a straight line of a uniform length); see whether there is a crack around it; see if there is a bamboo green bamboo yellow surplus on the back, whether it is clean and tidy.

Maintenance method: when heating in the north, humidity should be increased indoors. In the rainy season in the southern part of the country, we must open windows and ventilate, keep indoors dry, avoid the impact of hard objects, sharpen sharp tools, and metal friction. Furniture should be handled with care when moving, so as not to damage the surface of bamboo flooring, clean it properly, and wax regularly.

Suitable place for laying: ordinary residential, guesthouses, office buildings, etc.

Spc flooring 


Spc flooring is revolutionary technology ,it is healthy ,no any harmful material ,stable and  durable ,no matter in hot summer or cold winter ,will not be deformed .Spc flooring is 100 % water proof ,even soaked in water that is not a problem. It also has the advantages of fireproof ,

sound absorption ,anti-slip ,anti-bacteria ,termite  proof, easy to install and maintain ,no any glue required . It is more and more popular in the international market . Spc flooring could do many design such as wood ,stone ,carpet and also could be customized to meet your requirement .

It is a good choice to use the spc flooring ,the healthy flooring .

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