Classic wood grain spc wall panel

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Our factory’s production process for SPC wall panels ensures that they are completely free of harmful chemicals, making them safe for use in any environment. With a focus on health and safety, our panels are non-toxic, non-polluting, and VOC-free. Whether you’re creating a space for children, pets, or anyone with sensitive respiratory systems, our SPC wall panels provide a healthy and safe choice.

  • FOB Price: US $2.99-5.01 / sqm
  • Min.Order Quantity: 500sqm
  • Supply Ability: 20000 sqm / per day
  • Port: Tian Jin.China
  • Material: Vinyl / Spc
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    Product Name Classic wood grain spc wall panel
    Brand Name Our brand name is UTOP and we also can supply OEM
    Material PVC resin mix calcium carbonate and chemical additive
    Usage For Interior Wall
    Regular Specificatin 3000*300*12mm or customized
    Surface Treatment Sandstone texture
    Application Widely used in decoration of interior wall , such as restaurant , hotel, villa , KTV and so on.

    Compared with the paint coating, the spc wall panel is truly formaldehyde-free and odor-free, and the installation is more convenient and quick. It can be accommodated after installation and does not require air treatment. In terms of heat preservation and moisture resistance, the effect is much higher. It is easy to clean and has a long service life. In terms of price, the cost of renovation of the integrated wall is much lower, almost only the material cost and the woodworking installation fee. In general, after the decoration is completed, the spc wall panel is more cost-effective for consumers.

    Features of Classic wood grain spc wall panel


    Easy installation

    It is easy to install, and the special snap-on assembly method makes the seams more rigorous and smooth, which overcomes the shortcomings of the gap between other materials and the unevenness after installation.

    Waterproof and moisture proof

    Good moisture resistance, wet area can also completely resist, water vapor moisture is difficult to enter the room, to ensure that the room is dry and comfortable

    Easy cleaning

    spc plastic buckle panel is easy cleaning compare with white wall or paper wall.

    Sound insulation

    spc plastic buckle panel itself absorbs the bad sound of the sound, thus forming a perfect 3-level noise reduction function in the space, so that you have a quiet living environment.

    Heat insulation

    the use of integrated wall panels will make the room warm in winter and cool in summer, which can adjust the air humidity of the room.

    In particular, the flame retardant material is added to the new process to make it safer to use.

    Packages of Classic wood grain spc wall panel

    our factory

    Installation of Classic wood grain spc wall panel




    ◆1.Strong R&D ability: Launch hundreds of original designs and new colors every year. As a research and development manufacturing enterprise, UTOP floor has always maintained a passion for research on new materials and new processes, and leads development with innovation. Committed to providing users with higher performance and higher quality product solutions.

    ◆2.Professional: UTOP manufacturing spc vinyl products since 2014,the beginning period of spc flooring developing. It is one of the first batch enterprises of this field.Our workers have rich experience and a strict quality control system. Our company participate in domotex exhibitions in Germany, the United States, Russia, India and other industry exhibitions every year to grasp the trend of the industry and launch the most popular new products in the market.

    ◆3.Strong productivity: More than 1 million square meters a month.We ensure quality and delivery for our customers

    ◆4.Rich product line: One-stop service for floor and wall panels.

    ◆5.Strong logistics capabilities: Qingdao and TianJin two major ports, strong truck teams.


    Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?

    A: We are factory and owned 4 different factories with 900 workers in total.

    Q2: What products can you provide besides spc wall panels?

    A: we manufacturing spc floor丨lvt floor丨wpc wallpanel丨accessories

    Q3: How about the Shipping Method?

    A: Air shipments and sea shipments are all workable. In one words, we could do any shipments you wanted.

    Q4: How about the lead time?

    A: In General, 20days.

    Q5: How about the label and the logo?

    A: Customize label and logo is workable.

    Q6: How about the MOQ ?

    A:500 square meters.【3000-3300 square meters/one container】

    Q7: How many the warranty?

    A: All our goods are 15 years warranty.

    Q: Still have more questions?

    A: Please use the table below and send your questions to us. Thank you.

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